How it Works

There is no need for heavy trucks, drivers to man them, toll and over the road fares, annual DOT taxes, large amounts of fuel, tires and chains, etc.
While our initial costs were substantial, our operating costs are bare minimum. Those savings are passed on to our customers. Our autonomous delivery service cuts down on delivery time dramatically. It is extremely-fast by any standards because freight moves as the crow flies rather than over long and winding roads. More importantly, Dronair is operational 24/7/365 and is location independent.

DRONAIR Cargo Robotics has built-in AI and Facial Recognition System

The best aspect of the DRONAIR is its facial recognition and artificial intelligence, allowing you to use features that let the drone orbit around you and follow you.

It can even take excellent photo of customer by recognizing facial patterns and structure.


Token Distribution

The 140,000,000,000 DAIR tokens will be distributed as follows

  • Public sale

    40% will be allocated for sale. Unsold DAIR will be Burn.

  • Private sale

    20% will be allocated for sale.

  • Team & Advisers

    10% will be allocated to the Dronair team and will be allocated towards advisory, security and operational purposes.

  • Marketing & Adoption

    18% will be allocated towards partner and community development to incentivise participation.

  • Foundation

    12% will be alocated for Dronair Foundation.

Road Map

Dronair Timeline

Our Core Team

Professional Experts


Lucas Jones

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Field Of Study Business Administration and Management in University of Buenos Aires.
Co - Founder and CEO, Dronair Media Spain.
Marketing Manager, Docks Logistics Spain SA.
General Manager, Barcelona Logistics.


Ganesa Anderson

Marketing Director, DHL Logistics.
Ganesa possesses marketing savvy that enables her to contribute to the growth and expansion of both the companies and the clients that she works with. Her knowledge of the logistics, along with the trends and advancements in it, make her a key contributor to the efforts of DHL in educating people about the logistics and the opportunities within it.


Claus V. Hemmingsen

Claus V. Hemmingsen has since 2007 been a member of the Executive Board of Maersk. From September 2016 as Vice CEO and CEO for the Energy division.


Micheal Terpin



Micheal Terpin

CEO, Transform Group - Transform Group - the world leader in blockchain and ICO PR and advisory services (50 ICOs and counting).